Physical Properties of Nanosystems (kartoniertes Buch)

NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics
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Recent advances in nanoscience have demonstrated that fundamentally new physical phenomena are found when systems are reduced to sizes comparable to the fundamental microscopic length scales of the material investigated. There has been great interest in this research due, in particular, to its role in the development of spintronics, molecular electronics and quantum information processing. The contributions to this volume describe new advances in many of these fundamental and fascinating areas of nanophysics, including carbon nanotubes, graphene, magnetic nanostructures, transport through coupled quantum dots, spintronics, molecular electronics, and quantum information processing.
Preface. J.Bonca, S. Kruchinin.- Electron Transport In Nanosystems.Optics Of Flat Carbon - Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Of Graphene Flakes; A.K. Geim et al.- Renormalized Perturbation Approach To Alectron Transport Through Quantum Ddots; A.C. Hewson et al.-Low Temperature Transport In Tunnel Junction arrays; V. Vinokur et al.- Electron transport through molecules in the Kondo regime: the Role Of Molecular Vibrations;J. Mravlje and A. Ramsak.-Wave Delocalization In Nonlinear Disordered Media; S.Flach.-Physical Limits For Scaling Of Electronic Devices In Integrated Circuits; W.Nawrocki; Synchronized Andreev Transmission in Chains of SNS Junctions; N. Chtchelkatchev et al.-. Superconductivity. Josephson Effect In Point Contacts Berween Two-Band Superconductors; A.Omelyanchouk , Yu, Yerin.- Superconducting Nanowires: New Type Of BCS-BEC Crossover Driven By Quantum-Size Effects; F.M. Peeters et al.-Transient response of a superconductor in an applied electric field; M. N. Kunchur and G. F. Saracila.-Interband Nodal-Region Pairing And The Antinodal Pseudogap In Hole Doped Cuprates; N.Kristoffel , P.Rubin.-Electronic Structure Of Cuprate Superconductors In The Presence Of Out-Of-Plane Impurities; Z. Wang , S. Feng.- Multiple Quasiparticle Pairs In The BCS Model;J. D. Fan and Y. M. Malozovsky.-Critical And Non-Critical Channel In The Damping Of Superconducting Fluctuations In Two-Band Systems;T.Ord et al.-Phase Slip Phenomena One And Two Dimensional Superconducting Ring ;M. Lu-Dac and V. V. Kabanov.-Locus of the Superconductivity in the Cuprates; J. D. Dow, R. Harshman.-An Approximating Hamiltonian Method In The Theory Of Imperfect Bose Gases; N. N. Bogolyubov, Jr., P. Sankovich.- Magnetic Nanostructures; K.H.Bennemann.-Heavy Fermions and Superconductivity in the Kondo-lattice Model with Phonons; T. Pruschke et al.- Magnetization Curves For Anisotropic Magnetic Impurities Adsorbed On A Normal Metal Substrate; R. Zitko.-Conductivity Of Layered Systems With Planar And Bulk Disorder;D.Maslov et al.-Superposition Of Flux-Qubit States And The Law Of Angular Momentum Conservation; V. Nikulov.- Creation And Control Of Ordered Nanostructures In Spin-Glass Media; A. S. Gevorkyan et al.-Sensors. New Sensor For Remote Evaluation Of The Physiological State Of Biological System; R. Sh. Sargsyan et al.- Thermoelectricity in Double-Barrier Resonant Tunneling Structures; S.Kruchinin et al.- Light Emitting Diodes and Optical Fibers; J.Dow.-Gas Sensing Properties Of The Nanosized Pd an CuxPd layers; V.G.Litovchenko et al.- Subject Index. Author Index.