Business Cycle Dynamics (E-Book, PDF)

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<P>Business cycle theory has been one of the fastest growing fields in modern nonlinear economic dynamics. This book presents new mathematical methods for global analysis which have not previously been available in this easily accessible form. In addition it contains a presentation of full analyses of several models left open in the 1950s when the tools then available did not permit more systematic analysis.</P>
Aims and Scope.- Some Methods for the Global Analysis of Closed Invariant Curves in Two-Dimensional Maps.- Center Bifurcation for a Two-Dimensional Piecewise Linear Map.- Short History of the Multiplier-Accelerator Model.- Multiplier-Accelerator Models with Random Perturbations.- Non-Autonomous Business Cycle Model.- The Hicksian Model with Investment Floor and Income Ceiling.- Growth Cycles in a Modified Hicksian Business Cycle Model.- Coexistence of Attractors and Homoclinic Loops in a Kaldor-Like Business Cycle Model.- Expectations and the Multiplier-Accelerator Model.- Floors and/or Ceilings and the Persistence of Business Cycles.- A Goodwin-Type Model with Cubic Investment Function.- A Goodwin-Type Model with a Piecewise Linear Investment Function.
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