Russian Contributions to Game Theory and Equilibrium Theory (E-Book, PDF)

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<P>The purpose of this book is to report to the international readership on the sophisticated research by Russian game theorists during the two decades 1968 - 1988. The book includes a collection of contributions in game theory and the related field of equilibrium theory which never had been published in English before. A short historical survey on the development of game theory in the USSR before 1990 is given in the introduction.</P>
Sufficient conditions for existence of Mi1-bargaining sets.- Noncooperative game theory and social choice.- A probabilistic model of social choice.- Equilibrium points in general noncooperative games and their mixed extensions.- On the theory of optimality principles for noncooperative games.- Cooperative game theory.- A sufficient condition for the coincidence of the core of a cooperative game with its solution.- On the Shapley function for games with an infinite number of players.- Cores and generalized NM-solutions for some classes of cooperative games.- Bargaining theory.- The linear bargaining solution.- On the superlinear bargaining solution.- Stable compromises under corrupt arbitration.- Equilibrium theory.- Stability of economic equilibrium.- An algorithmic approach for searching an equilibrium in fixed budget exchange models.- Equilibrated states and theorems on the core.
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