High Field Brain MRI (E-Book, PDF)

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<P>This book describes the development of systems of magnetic resonance imaging using the higher magnetic field strength of 3 tesla, in comparison to the current gold standard of 1.5 tesla. These new systems of MRI make it possible to perform with high spatial, temporal and contrast resolution not only morphological examinations but also functional studies on spectroscopy, diffusion, perfusion, and cortical activation, thus helping research and providing an important tool for routine diagnostic activity. At the same time the new systems offer unparalleled sensitivity and specificity in the numerous conditions of neuroradiological interest.</P>
Techniques and Semeiotics.- High-Field MRI and Safety: I. Installation.- High-Field MRI and Safety: II. Utilization.- 3.0 T MRI Diagnostic Features: Comparison with Lower Magnetic Fields.- Standard 3.0 T MR Imaging.- 3.0 T MR Angiography.- 3.0 T MR Spectroscopy.- 3.0 T Diffusion Studies.- Nerve Pathways with MR Tractography.- 3.0 T Perfusion Studies.- High-Field Strength Functional MRI.- Recent Developments and Prospects in High-Field MR.- 3.0 T Brain MRI: A Pictorial Overview of the Most Interesting Sequences.- Applications.- High-Field Neuroimaging in Traumatic Brain Injury.- 3.0 T Imaging of Ischaemic Stroke.- High-Field Strength MRI (3.0 T or More) in White Matter Diseases.- High-Field Neuroimaging in Parkinsons Disease.- High-Field 3 T Imaging of Alzheimer Disease.- 3.0 T Imaging of Brain Tumours.- Use of fMRI Activation Paradigms: A Presurgical Tool for Mapping Brain Function.
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